V-22 osprey configuaration like drone possible?

Discussion in 'Experimentation' started by DIY Drone, May 1, 2017.

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    Hi all you familar names from past posts.
    Ok update on what im thinking. As some you know I experimented over the last posts with different material and folding arms for custom made drones not using cf. The website was a failure. :(
    But something else rose from the ashes.
    An sls printed drone delivery system with a hollow frame that is fully autonomous. There is nothing close too it on the market.
    It is designed to run the x configuaration with top and bottom motor pods.
    We have a military defence company looking at it.
    I was wondering, could I lock down the bottom push motor? Then after vertical lift off tilt the pod to say 25 degrees and then fly it like the osprey?
    Is it possible to change the engine angle of attack and fly the drone like a plane?
    The benefits of doing such a thing as for efficiency would be huge im thinking. Might even give the drone a different classification. I am sorry I cant show it in public yet as it is under review.
    My drone will fly a 25 lb payload 22 miles there and back. 11.5 miles each way. This drone is over 4 1/2' wide and 2 1/2' tall.
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    Hi mate its been done look at the stingray 500
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  3. GrannyApple

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    there are tilt rotor drones already too.

    But since youre making a large scale drone you can implement both tilt rotor and variable pitch. As for variable pitch I thinks theres a guy on YT who made a scale Pilatus PC12 with a variable pitch prophub, opensource

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