UPair One wiring issue

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    I recently came into possession of a UPair One drone. Whilst it’s a pretty good clone of some big brand one (so I’ve been told, I’m a newbie), I’m really struggling with an issue it has.

    Long story short the battery low return to home function was overridden several times through stupidity and this resulted in it dropping out of the sky from about 10 feet. Whilst the drone itself is fine, still flies and has full connectivity from controller to drone, there is an issue with the drone speaking to the FPV unit. This has been diagnosed as a broken cable connector, (pic 1).

    My questions are,

    1. What the hell are these bits of plastic called, to enable a more effective google search.

    2. Does anyone own one of these drones so that they could point me towards the correct size.

    3. Can someone who knows what they’re doing just do the damn google search for me, I’ve wasted two days of my life on this just trying to track down the name of the part!

    For context, top female port(?) is the one that the connector fits into (pic 2).

    Thanks in advance.

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