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UDI Freedom U32 outdoors?

Discussion in 'Newb Guides' started by CKRobinson, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. CKRobinson

    CKRobinson Member

    Over the holidays, I received a Syma X8C quadcopter. Since I've never flown one before, I thought I'd pick up a cheaper one to get some practice will, so I picked up a UDI Freedom U32. Now there is no doubt that I can barely control that thing indoors, and when I took it out doors well... it was VERY hard to control. Not a surprise since there was a little wind and the thing weights very little.

    But have other folks flown one of the Freedoms outside? Is it just my inexperience that made it so very hard to fly or are they really too light for outside use? I did take the X8C up and it worked pretty well -- still hard to fly against what little wind there was.

    I'd like to get a smaller drone than the X8C to practice with, since I'd like to not destroy the big drone, but have no idea what a good sub $50 drone would be (in spite of reading tons of reviews).

    Thanks all!
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
  3. Ronny m holmes

    Ronny m holmes New Member

    Any know anything about the ai freedom ll and where can I get parts from for it.
  4. Ronny m holmes

    Ronny m holmes New Member

    I got the ai freedom ll at a truck stop . flew one time in my yard crashed it . the take off was extremely crazy went no higher than ten hoot up and came right back to the ground . broke all the prop guards cracked the body really bad . so I want to replace it with a stronger body and bigger battery better cam and better motors. But where can I get the parts I need.
  5. CKRobinson

    CKRobinson Member

    The drone I was posting about is the UDI Freedom, which is a very different drone from the AI Freedom II.
  6. Ronny m holmes

    Ronny m holmes New Member

    Oh OK I hope I can find parts for it any ideas
  7. CKRobinson

    CKRobinson Member

    No idea as I'm brand new to this. People seem to like www.banggood.com though, maybe they'll have something.
  8. CKRobinson

    CKRobinson Member

    Picked one of these up. Now just trying to find more batteries for it since everyone on Amazon seems to be out of stock. Thanks for the suggestion! I flew it for just a few minutes and found it to be quite smooth. Looking forward to a longer flight.

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