UDI Battery Connector Type?

Discussion in 'Newb Guides' started by AHod39, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Hey guys! Just received my first RC quadcopter for Christmas, the U818A HD+ FPV and it has been a blast learning how to fly. It seems like great value and it's only taken me a few days to get comfortable flying the thing.

    The stock battery is a 350 MaH 3.7v LiPo x2 (I think 2S for a total of 700 MaH), that gives you about 7-9 mins flying time depending on if you are using the camera or not. I am curious about using a higher capacity battery, I see some out there that are a similar size at more MaH that I want to try. Most of the 2S batteries are also 7.4v instead of 3.7v.

    My problem is that UDI seems to have some kind of proprietary connector for their batteries/ESC. Attached is a link to the batteries I use HERE . Does anyone know the name of this connector? I need to use some kind of adapter or solder on the appropriate end, as the other batteries I'm looking at come with a more common "JST" style connector. Let me know how you think it is best to achieve the goal. Hoping I don't have to cut a connector of an existing smaller battery!
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    looks like a regular balance plug (JST), if not it is probably a mini berg connector.

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