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    Well I am about 2-3 months roughly from getting up and running with the sUAS business flying for a multitude of different businesses. I have to get contracts reviewed; set up the business structure; get the software to run the books, payroll taxes and writing checks.

    It has been several months of planning and getting to the point we will be ready.

    Anyone else up and running and what business structure did you register as with your SOS?
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    Noticed there are no replies, hows it going with you now?
    Been wanting to get started, but my current position won't allow me a second job until a little down the road, so I can't take any actions that my leadership might see as moving toward another source of income.
    @Long Range RC
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    I currently have one local real estate client that is keeping me busy. I don't have any contracts with them, but I have thought about offering a percentage of the sale instead of a one time fee. I am still trying to get caught up on the list that they want filmed.

    I am waiting to start a llc until I know that it will continue like this for longer than a few months.

    Here is one of my completed videos
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