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Discussion in 'Flying' started by Chuck, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Chuck

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    Went to the local shop that caters to quad copter enthusiasts, this afternoon. During a conversation about some electronic parts for a project on my quad, I asked about how to slow down (add simulated inertia) the hair trigger responses that I've noticed with what are referred to as "toy grade" quads, even the largest ones like the Syma X8 variants. I was told that this is a function of their being so lightweight, and that even with converting from brushed to brushless motors won't make it go away, but just introduce lag in the same lightning-quick responses to changes in throttle settings. The guy I spoke to is an authorized service technician for the wellknown brands, and suggested adding weight. I've already upgraded to the largest battery that will fit inside, along with replacing the tiny sheet metal screws that the landing struts were attached with (inadequately at that), with larger machine screws, flat and lock washers, and nuts, from a hardware store. The weight gain seemed minimal, and showed unnoticeable change in throttle reaction. Does anybody have any suggestion on how they've dealt with this issue on lightweight quads? How much weight was successfully added? Any electronic means of slowing down the reaction tried and successful? A combination of both?
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  2. Jackson

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    No one adds weight to toy quads unless they have to. Most folks strip off anything they can to reduce weight. No matter what kind of multirotor you fly good throttle management is one of the hardest skills to develop.
  3. RENOV8R

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    Yeah, adding weight is not the way to go. Firstly, the quad won't performed as it was designed to and secondly, you'll constantly be replacing motors. I don't know if they are made, but you could do a search for a battery with the same mah rating as what you use but a really low C rating, like 10C..........................or drill some tiny little holes in your props hahaha
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    Hi just signed up, just got the Blade Nano QX FPV RFT. Not sure if I'm in the right place but here goes. I'm new to FPV and wanted to start with something simple, before using the Fat shark goggles I thought I'd just fly the quad on its own to get a feel for the controls. The controls seem to be in reverse. I move the stick right the quad goes left, and you get the picture. Occasionally the controls will change mid flight. I've followed the instructions on how to reset it but had no luck. Any ideas anyone?

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