The Case for the H501s- Flying w/o Propeller Guards

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gene_Drone, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. Gene_Drone

    Gene_Drone Well-Known Member

    I got the carrying case for the 501s today. The bad news is, the propellers must be removed. I guess that must be the case (pun intended) with all drone cases? Plus, there is no way the case will accommodate the propeller guards that I mounted.

    So, I:
    1) can fly without the propeller guards. (If I took them on and off I would lose those tiny screws pretty quickly). I think mounting the propellers and removing them is straight forward

    2) Send the case back to Amazon and make a case that would accommodate the propellers and their guards.

    I guess it comes down to the pros and cons of flying without propeller guards. Thoughts.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi I have never flown with prop guards and I think all the time I have been flying i have only broken 4 props
  3. KentA

    KentA Well-Known Member

    By propeller guards do you mean those hooks that catch branches?
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  4. Gene_Drone

    Gene_Drone Well-Known Member

    Good point. Didn't think of that.
  5. Spork

    Spork There is no spoon

    This is why mine are coming off the next time it's not too windy to fly outside. With my lack of skill, I'm not sure how much it will help, but only one way to find out.
  6. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    You can make the case for using the prop guards inside, but don't ever use them outdoors. They increase exponentially the chance that the quad will catch nice and tight in any tree you're unlucky enough to tangle with. Props are cheap compared to lost quads.
  7. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

  8. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    "Prop guards ? We dunn need no stinkin prop guards !"
    (Treasure of the Sierra Madre) :p
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  9. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    I've broken more props than that in a single weekend !
    However it was in an unfamiliar location going about 50 mph through trees and about five feet off the ground.
    Aside from the way the ground can grab your quad and send it furiously cartwheeling just because you dipped an arm into the dirt (lmao)
    I find it amazing how trees (and branches) can apparently just jump right out in front of you when you'd otherwise swear you were clearing them. ;)
  10. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    All my quads are to big to fly like you do thats why I don't break so many props all flights in open spaces
  11. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    :rolleyes: ... I've tried friend's cam platforms before, but honestly got a bit bored flying high and slow just looking around ... lol ... I'm more
    into "tree bashing" myself. :p
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  12. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    That's what I use my helicopters for fast low runner the 630 can hit 140 mph how about this one for speed
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  13. pdmike

    pdmike Extremely Popular Member

    There are cases and there are cases. I have a case for my Syma that allows the props to stay on the quad but not the prop guards. I have a case for my Phantom 4 that doesn't allow diddily - I have to remove both the prop guards and the props. If storage with props and prop guards is an issue for you, I would suggest shopping around on the Internet for a case for your particular brand of quad. You should be able to find something if you search long enough and hard enough.

    I'll tell you my experience with cases. I have yet to use one in the field. I just put my quad in the back of the SUV, along with the rest of what I need, and head out. I'm beginning to regret spending the big bucks I did on these two cases. But I only fly the P4 these days, so I do store the Syma in its case - but I could have done that in a cardboard box. Oh well, enough of my problems with regard to cases ....

    Do I use prop guards? Yes. I only fly outdoors. I simply stay away from trees. I don't want my quad ever going into a tree, with or without prop guards (the quad, not the tree ;)).
    There is another plus to prop guards no one has mentioned yet. I have a set of red prop guards on the rear of my quad and the standard, white prop guards on the front. Why? Direction determination. It makes it so much easier to see which way your quad is headed when it's way up there in the sky. I shouldn't have to tell you why knowing which direction your quad is headed is important.

    Don't be afraid to use prop guards. Just fly carefully, which you should do anyway, right? :)
  14. Gene_Drone

    Gene_Drone Well-Known Member

    Good points. Thanks
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