TBS Discovery Time Lapse Build Log

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by Zwyser, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Zwyser

    Zwyser Active Member

    Hi there

    This forum is still quite empty so I thought I'll post my TBS Discovery Quadrocopter Time Lapse Build Log. Build your own quadcopter in just 9 minutes. I hope you like it. Enjoy:

    My channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Zwyser
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    FATJACK Member

    Awesome copter! I can tell you are much more skilled than I am with the soldering iron. Those ESCs you have are awesome too.
  3. Zwyser

    Zwyser Active Member

    It's actually the first time that I have used the soldering iron for something other than soldering battery plugs, so I would not be so sure about that. But thanks anyway. What is your copter that you have as Avatar?

    FATJACK Member

    You must be a natural. I have soldered for years but I still have a hard time with it.

    The copter in the picture is a FPVManuals QAV500. It has changed since I took that picture. I now have 10 inch Gaupner props (instead of 8 inch Gauis), simonk 30amp escs (instead of Turnigy plush 25 amps), and FM4008 motors (instead of NTM 28-26). I am also on 4 cell instead of 3. Much better now :).
  5. Zwyser

    Zwyser Active Member

    The QAV500 is a nice rig. I have just ordered a QAV400 from Tim and am looking closely on the development of the QAV540 with the gimbal.

    Your new setup sounds a lot better than the old one!

    FATJACK Member

    Woah! I didn't even know of a QAV540. I just checked out the video they posted:

    Best raw video I have ever seen from a quadcopter. Wow! I guess I need to start making more money :).
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  7. Zwyser

    Zwyser Active Member

    Or, you just buy an Alex Mos brushless gimbal controller, 2 suiting brushless motors for a gimbal, and make a simple aluminium gimbal for your QAV500. Thats around 200 bucks
  8. Eddieb378

    Eddieb378 Member

    What kind of fly time did you get?

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