TATTU New Battery for Irobot Roomba

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Flora, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. Flora

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    Hey guys,
    I guess you may not hear TATTU Irobot Roomba replacement battery , oh yeah , that's our new products.;););) I know someone use Irobot Xlife, but is tooooo pricey, :(:(:( and TATTU battery Size is exactly the same as the Xlife, but Add 500mAh more and $60 cheaper. just $19.99, I'm really Recommend it . there are some reviews from customers as below:

    Beth Wilder said:
    Lived up to expectation. I charged it for 1 day and it provided 2 hours worth of vacuuming before needing to be re charged. Just like brand new now. I would buy again.

    Elizabeth Clarkson said
    This battery has been working in my Roomba for several weeks. It will run for a couple of hours if I let it clean my whole upstairs. The Roomba fills with dirt and dog hair before the battery dies. Brought new life back to my vacuum. Thanks!

    I waited a couple of months before I wrote my review so I could see how well it worked over time. The first time use was almost 2 hours, and I thought Holy Cow!! Since the dust settled, it lasts a little over an hour a pass, which is what my original battery did. I'm happy with it.

    You guess what price is it? not $79, nor not $59, it's just $19.99
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    Good news...Thank you for share.
    I use Tattu drone batteries, they all working well.
    Hm...Tattu Vacuum cleaner replacement battery is good idea.

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