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  1. Liamdevlin

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    hi, I am 100% noob to the drone scene, I have been bought a Syma X8SC for Xmas which is the drone I asked for but being totally dense to these drones it is not the model I actually wanted, now I have it I want to find out if I can upgrade it to do the task I needed it for. Upon receiving it I have found out that it isn’t quite capable of of the real-time picture being viewed on my smartphone it needs to be downloaded to a pc via the flash memory card, therefore I would like to know if the camera fitted to the SW model will give me this option or if there are internal components of the drone itself need changing.

    Thanks in advance for any help in resolving this issue

  2. stony99

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    If you get the SW wifi camera it will work on yours. The camera is a self contained unit. Basically it powers on and transmits constantly. It does not transmit through the drones circuits. They are all over Ebay.
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  3. Liamdevlin

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    Awesome, many thanks that is just what I wanted to hear :p
  4. Spork

    Spork There is no spoon

    Is this a model specific to Syma? Or am I not searching correctly? I want to do something similar with an HS 181.

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