syma x5c problem

Discussion in 'Flying' started by liviu, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. liviu

    liviu New Member

    i started and played with the drone, after battery was empty, i recharged it and when i put the battery back in it flashes the LED's and it doesen't si.cronize with the remote. what can i do?
  2. phil stokes

    phil stokes Member

    make sure when syncronizing that both handset and quad are off . turn on quad then handset then bind together
    this should work and allso when useing video make sure you turn camara off before quad or you get corrupted files
  3. DJIdude

    DJIdude Drone-lover, DIY builder, and huge DJI fan

    Okay, I have a Syma X5C, and the exact procedure I go through each time (which works every time) is this: 1-With the drone and the remote off, turn the remote on. 2-Now turn the drone on (you should notice that the LED lights on the quadcopter are rapidly flashing). 3-Wait for the LED lights to start flashing slowly. 4-Now, take the throttle stick on the controller and push it all the way up and immediately back down (this binds the controller to the drone).

    Hope this helped. ;)
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    As you said with the toys, quad on first then transmitter with throttle DOWN. To bind push throttle UP then DOWN again. Should be good to go now.
  5. PCR

    PCR Well-Known Member

    Also note that if they are very close they will not sync, set the receiver down a few feet away
  6. Patton

    Patton Well-Known Member

    Jackson's got it right. Quad on first....wait for drone lights to go from fast blink to slow blink....then TX on....Throttle all the way up then're ready to fly.
  7. Jimbir

    Jimbir Member

    I turn the transmitter on then the copter. Wait for the lights on the copter to blink slowly then push the throttle all the way forward, listen for the beep then pull the throttle all the way back and listen for another beep. Observe that the lights on the copter a steady (not blinking) and I'm ready to fly. Always works for me.
  8. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    I'm gonna go with DJI dude and Jimbir on this one. I double checked the manual and it very clearly instructs you to turn the Tx on first then turn on the quad. Push the throttle full up and then full down. There should be one clear sound from the Tx. Actually. Tx first then plug in the battery is true for every other quad I own.
    Now having said that. Watch this video and the guy powers up the quad by turning the quad on first and then the Tx. So Phil Stokes, Jackson and Patton are also right. What to do. What to do.......

    I just got a X5C1 UPS this evening and have not even had a chance to open it yet. You can bet that I am going to try binding it both ways after I charge the battery. Interesting.
    The binding is around 3:25 on the video by the way.
    Pretty unique. Looks like we're all correct.o_O
  9. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Im getting one next..but a BNF with no camera for $18.00 and Tx $12.00..a few dollars to do the "good" antenna mod...I plan to just use an 808 #16 camera
  10. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    I was finally able to get my X5C1 charged up today ( family stuff kept interfering). I had to fly inside because of weather. What a great little quad!! Anyway. I can bind mine either by turning the Tx on first and then the quad or the quad first and then the Tx. Everyone is right! Sure is a flexible little rascal. Can't imagine liviu had a problem. Are you flying again liviu?
  11. JohnnyEightball

    JohnnyEightball New Member

    Ok, this is my first drone... and Ive done everything that the book has said, and everyone here has said, but all I get is the consistent rapid flashing of the lights. It never slows down!!! What to do? The 'bars" like on your cellphone consistently flash as well on the handset as well... Ideas?

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