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Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by HDtallrider, Oct 9, 2015.

  1. HDtallrider

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    Ok. I finally got around to replacing my 2nd Helimax 1si. Now belongs to my oldest grandson. I jumped on the x5 bandwagon after reading all the posts about all the cool things you can do with it. I won't get it until next week so I have some time to plan before tearing into it. This is also my 1st gear drive. I think that might be a fun part to modify. Change some ratios and maybe prop size....... Anyway. I was hoping some of you Syma "gear heads" could offer some advice. I like to tinker so don't be shy! Thanks guys!!
  2. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Im not sure you will have much for gearing options to choose from....The only other "different" gearing came with the WL Toys geared quads and they do not fit the SYMA X5 models..

    Most just tend to use a more powerful motor but at the expense of flight time or a slightly larger battery with a higher C rating...You can use a larger battery but, dont expect flight times to increase much as the larger the battery the more weight and amps that are drawn on the motors which drowns out most any advantage...Some cases you may see 30 seconds to 1 minute longer flight time but ,generate alot more stress on the motors.

    For more spirited flight most remove the camera and prop guards to lighten it up..Even with the stock motors it makes a big difference in performance.

    Chaoli Motors are the best you can get for brushed motors but they arent very cheap...Expect to pay close to 30 dollars (US) For a set of 4.

    Prop selection isnt really all that great either..Ive not heard of people changing those out...Maybe there is a better set but ive not heard of it.

    To sum it up gently..Lighten it up and put a better battery in it and, thats about all you can do with one power wise, unless spending for better motors which will eat up your battery quickly...Most use a Turnigy NanoTech 750mah battery..Just be sure the plug is correct as some are reversed..Its not the wires reversed but how the plug fits to the plug on the battery lead off the quad itself...The Plug needs to be removed and reversed..not the wiring.

    Now we get into the radio issue...Do not believe the range listed on the box..You might get a solid 30m and thats it from it..The antenna is far from being sufficient for anything more..So this leads us to the ever popular "Range Mod"...You will need to search Youtube to find out this procedure but it is a worthy one if you want extended range of 50m or more.

    The X5C-1 is certainly on my list of quads to own in the near future..Its a great little quad.

    Looking forward to pics and maybe video from you.
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  3. HDtallrider

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    Thanks Mike! I have already been checking out some of the youtube vids. I have a 150mm antenna lead that I can take from a Rx that was destroyed in one of my infamous crashes. ( My piloting skills are legendary:rolleyes:) . That should take care of the fly away complaint. I picked the X5c1 because I noticed all the discussions posted on the forum. All my quad builds are larger than the X5 so I don't have to be too worried about a little bit of extra weight with them. I'm hoping the X5 helps me to learn how to improve performance without adding weight thoughtlessly. I can transfer what I learn to my larger builds. I am going to go back thru the past forum articles this weekend . Thanks again Mike!
  4. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    You may want to look into the range mod using a +/- 5db antenna with an RP-SMA cable..150M+ range!!!!

    Not that one could visually see the mod at that range but, losing range would never be an issue. (In sight)
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  5. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    Good thought, but after thinking about your first reply, and how much just a little extra weight affects little quads I will have to come up with a compromise for the antenna mod and everything else I do. This will be fun! Kinda like bubble gum for the mind.........;)
  6. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    The mod is done to the transmitter, not on the control board of the quad itself...The control board on the quad should have a 31mm antenna which is known as 1/4 range...I dont think you have to mess with that.
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  7. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    Ok. I'll definitely look into that one then. Thanks!
  8. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    Finally got a chance to unpack and fly my X5C1 today. The only "mod" I've done so far is to remove the landing gear and camera. I also replaced the battery with a 680mah one. It is 15-20mph winds today with lots of leaves so I could only fly a little inside. What a great little quad! No wonder they have such a loyal following. I am going to replace the Tx antenna next. I just ordered the little Spektrum mini FPV camera/Tx combo. It's slightly larger than a nickel and I can get full FPV. I bought a bunch of props to play with. I'm going to see if I can re-contour the trailing edge a bit and see if I get any improvement.
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  9. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Its just a "TOY" quad:p
  10. HDtallrider

    HDtallrider Well-Known Member

    Hahaha!! I know! Right? I could save myself hundreds and hundreds of dollars by just playing with these "TOY's"! Or maybe not........ I just bought a tiny little camera that cost more than the quad!:eek:
  11. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Hahaha...cant wait to see it.

    Let me know what you find out with the props..I did find some interesting info that the motor holder assemblies from the FY326 can be made to fit and these use larger 8.5mm motors...Reports though are that the extra weight and amp draw really kills battery life and more so with the camera attached...Props with more lift will suck battery power also.
  12. Gryphon60

    Gryphon60 BlueKraKen

    Hey ToyQuadBuilder, I'm flying the x5c with FY326 mounts and motors, flys like a jet, though it does suck the batteries...though that is the case, flying is awesome with the fy326, so I decided to mod the x5c all the way, took lights off FY326 installed them outside on the Syma, replaced the control board with the FY326 board, flys powerfully fast, I get about 6-8 using the Obbey 3.7v 720mah battery, and have used the Turnigy 3.7v 1000mah, though I did not wish to burn out the motors so only flew it for about 4-5mimutes on the throttle...I think I'm moving into the fy326 for mods.
    As stated I really enjoy the hobby, especially the micro quads 180mm and smaller, particularly the 120mm and 135mm size, as get more proficient, will get into the proper brushed motors and control radio side, though that is a ways off at this stage....
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  13. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    You can find quite a bit more info here on modding the x5c
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  15. JacobCoy9

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    Started with an X5SW. Ended up upgrading to better motors, and it made a big difference. Tons of fun to fly around the yard. Great, little drone.

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