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  1. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    So here is my start on the X1-R project....First i want to talk about the X1 in general.

    The X1 from SYMA is much like the X5C now from was the most popular along side of WL Toys models and a household name in toy quads...You could find videos of people attaching 808 cameras back when they werent really that great and, fpv sets ups as it was one of the go to quads to have.

    The syma x1 3 axis gyros were very sensitive and if you were 5 degress off of being level it would drift in the direction that it was off everytime....A very stable board but range was horrible with just 20 to 30m and this is all you got with it and was easy to lose signal even behind a simple clothes line post sticking up from the ground....Control response is a bit slow in the fact that if you were flying forward and pulled back on the stick it takes a couple of seconds for it to respond and change direction...A great quad but, by todays standards is no comparison as far as the flight control board is concerned.

    Now we enter todays syma with the X5C and it shares essentially everything but the flight board and the addition of a different body...The 7mm motors are im sure carry overs as well as the motor holders with maybe a slight difference in that it attached to the arm guards on the ends of the x1 that is not present now with the x5 but are adaptable very easily to the x5 body ....Even the props are exact duplicates of the X1 dimension and pitch....The gearing of a 53T main gear and a 9T pinion gear is also the same..Everything motor related and gearing is older x1 design.

    Now lets compare the weights between the 2 models....the x5c comes in at just over 100g of weight and the syma x1 comes in at under 60g of weight without the tiny 350mah battery...So we have a significant amount of weight difference here of about 40% but everything else pretty much remains the same...Hmmm a light weight x1 with todays x5 improvements sounds like a fun quad so, im going to do it...if you have seen my x5c-1 modifications thread this will be yet an even lighter version of an x5 by about 20% more less weight...Carrying a camera would be practically nothing for this X1 and would make for a great syma fpv platform at some point...For now ill try the stock syma camera with it and see how it goes...I have no doubt it would carry a 40g mobius cam and fly much like a stock syma x5c-1 would and it not be overly heavy...A mobius cam on a stock x5c is just too much weight for it.

    So here is my list of this build in full.

    UPDATED PARTS LIST: 3/18/16)
    1.)WL Toys V959 Main Frame.
    2.)WL Toys V959 Landing Skids.
    3.) SYMA X5C-1 V6 FCB.
    4.) Syma X5C Camera
    5.) Everything else stock SYMA X1 (motors, motor holders, booms, gears, props and canopy.)

    I flew it tonight in fully stock form except for the v959 parts using the 650mah battery that comes with the U807 as its the only battery i have right now using the same JST connector.....I had to zip tie the battery in place (under the landing skids )as it was too wide to fit inside the smaller battery compartment...The older quads used those longer "chewing gum" shaped batteries....Ill be getting some proper style 500mah batteries to use with the quad.

    Ill report on the rest of the changes as i make them and Ill post some pic of the progress so far later this evening.
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  3. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

  4. Gramps

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    Check eBay I picked up a new battery like that for $.99 was generic & not E-flight.
  5. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    I wont deal with ebay ever screwed as a seller and walked off owing them money..they suspended my account for non payment of $33.00 from sales after they screwed me out of $130.00 and my product i never got back.
  6. Gramps

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    Yea eBay is a scary place, I guit selling there years ago and I don't buy much there either. They definitely run a kangaroo court system there for sure.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I don't blame you I would have probably done the same thing.
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  7. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Im still waiting to be able to use some donated parts from another project to finish this one..Its still active just waiting..haha.
  8. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Updated post one with the list of mods planned and added a pic of what it looks like on the outside...Ill also have a pic soon of the x5c camera mounted to it....It will be a little time before the x5 board goes in...I havent decided to use the one in my x5c-1 or just order a new board.
  9. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Slight change of plans for this one.

    1.) Nihui u807 FCB
    2.) Nihui u807 motors (8.5mm)..(Ill have to ground out the stock motor holders to accept the larger motors and will be using 9T MMW pinions.)
    3.) No camera for now. (U807 camera sucks so it would most likely be a WL toys camera or fpv kit as the nihui u807 has the 4 wire compatible plug.)...Possibly a stand alone fpv.

    Got in some parts. :)
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  10. Jeff Neese

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    Mike, why the change of FCB? I noticed your original build was going to look an awful lot like my build using a Syma X5C-1 FCB on an MX1 frame. Parts are already on on order for me and I'm going to try it, but I'm wondering what made you decide to use the u807 FCB? Is it because you're going to bigger motors?
  11. Mike H.

    Mike H. Toy Quad Builder

    Hi, sorry for the long wait as ive been out of flying for awhile and havent been around but to answer your question the u807 board does supply more amperage to the motors than the x5c board would as well as being quite a bit more aggressive in flight characteristics.

    Were still limited with stock gearing and props we use on the x1 but the u807 board and motors are a very nice improvement to say the least even over the x5c-1 board rather with 7mm or 8.5mm motors.
  12. vox

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    Looks cool! :)

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