Sub 250g FPV Quadcopter with over 11 minutes Flight Time

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by Michael Grabner, May 23, 2016.

  1. Michael Grabner

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    Hi all!

    In this video we build & fly an FPV quadcopter with less than 250g flying weight and over 11 minutes flight time (not just hovering!). Additionally this Miniquad is built to carry a RunCam 2! We go through the complete build, do a timelapse flight to show the flight time and finally show a video with the mounted RunCam 2.

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  2. Givmedew

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    Do you have a cost list? Also how much does the FPV cam weigh. I really like this build but for cost and simplicity I want to use my GoPro Hero 4 as the FPV and recording cam. It weighs 58g w/out battery and if you turn off all the GoPro color enhancements and run at 1080p there is very little to no lag.

    Do you think that would work out?

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