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Discussion in 'Custom Programming' started by Dural_, Dec 16, 2016.

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    Greetings fellow pilots,

    So I recently finished making my second quadcopter, It's smaller and smoother than the previous one. Everything's well and it works perfectly, But, Since the only open flying space I can use is the school gym (I'm actually 16, I gave fake birth dates just to pass the age restrictions if there were any, sorry), So I was wondering if I can fly it indoor? I was thinking about an AUX, like Indoor mode, and Outdoor mode, While the indoor mode has limited speed, so I can easily fly it without worrying about crashing it into a family picture or someone's head. Is it possible to have an AUX which limits the max values of throttle/yaw/pitch/roll? I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me with this. Sorry if I'm in the wrong Category.

    F.I.Y: My copter is powered with Arduino, and I'm using Multiwii's firmware.
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    What transmitter do you have?

    I use a FlySky i6. On mine the top left switch toggles 2 choices (sport and normal) for adjustable dual rates and expo. It can adjust AIL, ELEV and YAW. On my right top switch is Throttle Hold which can also toggle on/off the settings you choose. I use mine for a simple on/off switch, it's set to full or off (o%). There is also Throttle Curve setting where you can cap your speed and also smooth out any twitchiness around the midpoint. This for me is a global setting that can't be toggled. Most flight controllers also have a myriad of tweaks/adjustments that can be made for each flight mode.

    Most of my flying this summer has been with my inexpense, abused, foam delta wing plane. With no FC the options available on the TX has worked out well and enable me to make quick adjustments in the field.
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    Hey, Thanks for the response.
    I have RadioLink T8FB (8CH), It's a decent transmitter, But what I fear, Is that I don't think it's transmitter related. One of the reasons for me to be proud of my copter, Is the fact that almost everything is home-made, The frame and the props are 3d printed and instead of a flight controller I've used Arduini, Which means no matter my transmitter the AUXs won't work unless I program to do so. I really would love to have all of those cool stuff on my copter too but I don't know how am I supposed to program the AUXs.


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