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Skull n Drones

Discussion in 'Frame Design' started by mozquito1, May 12, 2017.

  1. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Summer's over, where's my thumbless gloves

    View attachment 2689 View attachment 2690 View attachment 2691 so it's my birthday next week & so a new frame qav-r 220 was on order. It came today along with a few other bits i bought to jazz it up a bit. I spent about 3hrs painting the adges, taping the arms on both sides & the base plate. Then putting the frame together. Reflective viz tape on bottom & patterned duck tape on top. Next session will be the top plate motors & esc's after work tmo.
    So will do a step x step of this build. Although it not strictly frame design, I'm hoping it's going to look the biz when i hand launch it, singing happy birthday to me. With 9days off work.
    13 x 4S 8 x 3S batteries.

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