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    IMG_20170511_210958668-1296x728.jpg IMG_20170511_213839192_HDR-1296x728.jpg IMG_20170511_213859119-728x1296.jpg so it's my birthday next week & so a new frame qav-r 220 was on order. It came today along with a few other bits i bought to jazz it up a bit. I spent about 3hrs painting the adges, taping the arms on both sides & the base plate. Then putting the frame together. Reflective viz tape on bottom & patterned duck tape on top. Next session will be the top plate motors & esc's after work tmo.
    So will do a step x step of this build. Although it not strictly frame design, I'm hoping it's going to look the biz when i hand launch it, singing happy birthday to me. With 9days off work.
    13 x 4S 8 x 3S batteries.
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