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Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by Krohsis, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Krohsis

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    Hi guys,
    I'm a noob to quad flying, although I have been flying RC helis since 2008. Looking forward to learning about this hobby, and there seems to be a wealth of knowledge here.

    My question is can a FPV signal be shared? What I mean is can a pilot share what he/she is seeing during the flight with a spectator who would be wearing their own goggles? So in effect, a person is going for a ride with the pilot. Electrically it seems possible with wireless goggles, but I haven't seen anyone talk about this.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. LHazleton

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    Of course you can. Just connect additional receiver to the same channel.
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  3. Krohsis

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    Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. DrAbsurd

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  5. mozquito1

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    Whoever is around you with a 5.8ghz rx.
    Im not a member of the local flight club.
    It's a bit clicky to many rules as it's normally planes only, except Thursdays It on about a 40-50 acre park. Sometimes on the way home I'll take my goggles & have a nosey.
  6. Biranchi

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    How to get the camera feed over wifi ?
  7. Gyro Doctor

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    Whether it's WiFi or not doesn't matter.
    The quad is broadcasting it's video signal out to whoever is tuned to it's channel (frequency).
    It doesn't matter if it's just the pilot or fifty people tuned in, the transmitter doesn't care. ;)

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