SG700 - possible modifications?

Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by Anze Pratnemer, Sep 14, 2018.

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    I've bought "cheapest" quad as my first "toy" to get to know the world of 3d movement. I had some experience with RC cars and boats, but thats 2d. Not sure if this forum allows for linking to the store where I bought it, but you can google for SG700 drone and find plenty of samples.

    Anyway, I'm satisfied with functions that 30€ drone brings to the table, but since I'm eager DIY chap, I'd like to upgrade it a bit.

    The main problem is low flight time. With 1000mAh battery and WiFi camera running, I get around 5-6 minutes run time. A little disassembly later I see, that there is a lot of empty space in battery compartment. Maybe upgrade with a bigger battery?

    Control range is also really short. I get around 50m in eye sight. Anything in between (brush, tree) lowers that down quickly. Move antenna out of the plastic body?

    Not every time I want to actually look at the video provided by camera. You think its possible to simply remove the camera and pcb from the front of the drone? Would that mean more work for rotors to keep drone levelled? It would reduce weight in the front and battery consumption.

    Would different types of rotors provide more bang for the buck?
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    Nice site, thank you!

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