setting up a DX6i for quadcopter use

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by AustinWulf, May 5, 2015.

  1. AustinWulf

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    I am currently building a quadcopter from scratch and need some help configuring my dx6i controller for use with my quad. Here are the quad's specs below:

    -Spektrum AR6110e receiver
    -APM 2.6 flight controller w/ gps module
    -915 mhz telemetry air and ground
    -Turnigy 2217 20turn 860kv 22A Outrunners
    -emax 4-in-1 30A esc
    -3s 3000mah lipos
    -Hobbyking X650F Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 550mm

    I'm looking forward to contributing a lot to this forum with all of the things ill learn building my quad!
  2. GJH105775

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    Take a look at this video, it may be of help.

  3. holtneil

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    Hi mate all transmitter are the same set up , set model to aero No mixing just a basic aero, then in the Pc software screen you trim inputs to zero then calibrate and set up FCB from there
  4. AustinWulf

    AustinWulf Member

    Thats great! Thank you all
  5. AustinWulf

    AustinWulf Member

    Quick question, whats the recommended amount of thrust for a 55omm sized quad that weighs about 1.75 kg? I calculated my estimated thrust with the motors above with 11" 4.7" props to be about 4 kg of thrust... will that suffice?
  6. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    I have not done much with the APM 2.6 but they are like most FCB so would not be to hard , the trick is take your time and get it right ,if you change any setting that your not sure of write it down so you can go back to it , make sure the quad is level when doing set ups
    Normally you work it out as weight plus 1/2 again , divided x4 this will tell you how many grams each motor has to make
    if it under power your need more than 1/2 throttle to take off then you wont have the power for the FCB to keep the quad balanced and fly well
    If you go for the 11x3.8 props your have 5 oz of thrust
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