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    All of the parts has been purchased by Quadrocopter and are new and not used, except for several flying tests.

    It is sold preferrable as a lot. It is packed in Pelican case, except the controls, because they need addicional cases. The Graupner has a hardcase itself.

    Price: 5000 USD for the equipment and 300 USD for shipping.

    Pictures, video etc could be provided if there is an interest.

    Contact: 00359 898559535. The equipment is in Bulgaria, EU

    FF_8HL_BASICSET CineStar-8 Heavy Lift MK Basic Kit CineStar-8 500mm Kit: 1 Flight Control V2.5 ME: 1 Double Quadro V3 - Cool: 1 MK USB: 1 QuadroPower 10000mAh 6s: 1 Tiger 15x5 Carbon Propeller: 4 Heavy Lift Motor Mount: 8 Tiger Heavy Lift Motor MN4012: 8 Molex Cable for FC 2.1 and GPS: 1 R/C JST Style Connectors: 1 LED Stripe in Red: 1 LED Stripe in Blue: 2 Cinestar Shrink Wrap - Clear: 3 Pieces Bolts M3x15 black: 2 M3x16 Black Screw: 1 M3 Black Nut: 2 Vibration Dampeners M3x15: 1 Screw M3x8 black: 1 Black and Red Silicone Cable - 1 m: 2 Build Guide DVD: 1 Buzzer Adapter PCB: 1 Loctite 222MS Threadlocker: 1

    MKGPS2_1 MK GPS V2.1 (SMD preassembled)

    NAVICTRL2_0 Navi-Ctrl V2.0 (SMD preassembled)

    GPS_SHIELD_11 GPS Shield 11

    KABELSET_NC-20 Cable Set for Navi-Ctrl (20cm)

    Lawmate 1.3gHz Transmitter

    R1200-DELUXE Lawmate 1.3gHz Receiver

    STINGER_500 Mondo Stinger 5.8GHz 500MW AVD Transmitter

    PASS_PORT_58 PassPort 5.8 Diversity Receiver

    PATCH_ANT_58_GVT 5.8GHz Patch Vitenna Gravity

    FPV_CAM_PAL High Resolution Plug & Play FPV Camera


    Graupner Contest Tray FF_FRAME-KIT-500

    CineStar-8 Frame Kit (500mm Booms) MK_FLIGHT_CTRL_V2.5


    Double Quadro V3 - Cool MK_USB

    MK-USB Adapter QC_LIPO_10000_6S

    Tiger's 15x5 Carbon Fiber Propeller Pair QC_MMOUNT_HL

    Heavy Lift Motor Mount TIGER_MN4012

    T-Motor Heavy Lift Motor MN4012 MKGPS_KABEL

    Molex Cable for FC 2.1 and GPS JST_CON

    R/C JST Style Connectors LED_RED

    LED Strip in Red LED_BLUE

    LED Strip in Blue RCE_2.5-SHRINK

    Cinestar Shrink Wrap - Clear M3x15

    Bolts M3x15 black (plastic) M3x16_BLACK

    Screw M3x16 black (plastic) MUTTER_M3_BLACK

    Nut M3 black (plastic) VIB_DAMP_LG

    Vibration Dampeners M3x15 M3x8_BLACK

    Screw M3x8 black (plastic) MK_SILICONE-CB

    Black and Red Silicone Cable - 1 m QC-CINESTAR-DVD

    Cinestar 6 / 8 Build Guide DVD BUZZER_ADPT

    Buzzer Adapter PCB EA_LOCTITE

    STAR_LG CineStar Landing Gear (v.2)

    TIGER_MN4012 T-Motor Heavy Lift Motor MN4012

    QC_MMOUNT_HL Heavy Lift Motor Mount

    STAR_CLP CineStar Frame Clamps

    FREEFLY_HARDWARE CineStar Spare Hardware Kit

    TIGER_15x5 Tiger's 15x5 Carbon Fiber Propeller Pair

    SCRFT_TX_TRAY_S Secraft Transmitter Tray V1 - Small

    SCRFT_LG_BRKT Secraft Large Bracket for TX Tray

    SCRFT_FPV_STATN Secraft FPV Station for TX Tray

    SCRFT_DBL_STRAP Secraft Transmitter Double Shoulder Strap

    MK_MONITOR-3.5 7 Inch LCD Monitor - 3.5mm Output Connector

    FF_BOOM-500 CineStar Boom-500

    Loctite 222MS Threadlocker (0.5 ml) POLOLU_CRIMP Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm² Capacity, 16-28 AWG

    POLOLU_STRIPPER ST-30 Wire Stripper 6-in. AWG 16-26

    TURNIGY-5.5-HEX Turnigy 5.5mm Hex Socket Screwdriver

    TURNIGY-2.0-HEX Turnigy 2mm Hex Screwdriver

    TURNIGY-2.5-HEX Turnigy 2.5mm Hex Screwdriver

    PELICAN_1620 CineStar 1620 Transportation Case

    HYP_0720 Hyperion EOS 0720i DUO3

    SKYRC_1200W-50A eFuel 1200W/50A Power Supply

    GRAUP_MZ24 Graupner MZ-24 HoTT Transmitter

    GRAUP_CONTEST_TRAY Graupner Contest Tray

    SPMR9900 Specktrum DX9 DSMX Transmitter

    HH_DX8_STRAP Spektrum Transmitter Strap

    SPM6703 Spektrum Neck Strap Adapter

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