Seeking advice on how to charge MJX Bugs 2W battery faster

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    Hi, I recently bought an MJX Bugs 2W and am enjoying it. I'd like to be able to charge the battery for it faster than the 4-5 hours it takes with the charger. I have the stock MJX labeled battery and then I bought 2 batteries and charger from YouCute. Both the MJX stock charger that came with the 2W and the YouCute charger take 4-5 hours to charge the batteries.

    I've seen some discussion about charging faster, such as "Just pick up any imax B6 charger and change the XT 30 female charging plug then you can charge each 1800 - 2300mAh 2S battery within 50 mins."

    I was looking at the following charger on Amazon: HOBBYMATE Imax B6 Clone Lipo Battery Balance Charger, Rc Hobby Battery Balance Charger LED W/ AC Power Adapter, with extra Bonus

    But I guess I need an additional adapter or connector or plug to charge the Bugs 2W battery with the Hobbymate Imax B6 charger? I haven't been able to clearly figure out what I'd need from reading some of the discussions.

    Can someone tell me exactly what adapter or connector or plug I would need to get in order to use the Imax B6 to more quickly charge my Bugs 2W batteries? And where you'd suggest getting it?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
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    You're well on the way. The iMax B6 should come with a Dean's "T" connector output. That charger is a clone, btw. The original is made by SkyRC, but it's often copied. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just know that going in. Some of the clones are quite good. If you want to buy the SkyRC original version, just look for sellers who guarantee that they will send you an online-verifiable serial number with a holographic seal.

    What you will need with that unit (if it's the same one on Amazon) is an adapter from Dean's T(female) to XT30 (male) adapter, such as this:
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  4. Rick M

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    Jackson, I think I agree. I try to keep things streamlined, so I use a Dean's T parallel board and just make or buy the adapters from there. However, I gotta admit your solution is simpler. More than one way to skin a cat.
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    That's great Jackson and Rick M! Thank you for the advice. I will get one of those adapters! Thanks again.
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    Actually another question for Rick M. The adapter for charging multiples that you suggested. That works with the Imax B6 that I mentioned? And I could charge all 3 or more of my MJX Bugs 2W batteries at the same time in about an hour using it with the Imax B6? Would I need anything more than the item for charging multiples and the Imax B6 in order to charge multiple MJX Bugs 2W batteries at the same time? Thanks in advance!

    I could get this one on Amazon Prime in a couple days, would this work for 3 or more batteries?
    LHI XT30 1S-3S Plug Parallel Charging Board For IMAX B6 Charger

    Apologize for all the questions!

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    Great! Thanks!
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    Hi, I'm back with a couple more questions. I really appreciate the help given so far. Got the clone Imax B6 charger and the LHI XT30 1S-3S Plug Parallel Charging Board For IMAX B6 Charger, which looks just like the one Jackson linked through No cables provided with the parallel charging board and the various cables that came with the clone IMAX B6 charger don't seem to fit between the B6 and the tiny dual yellow plugs protruding out of the Bugs 2W battery.

    I did manage to get the Bugs 2W battery tiny dual yellow plugs to plug into the end yellow plug on the parallel charging board and the battery's white plug into one of the 2S white slots on the parallel charging board (see attached picture). Plugged in the IMAX B6 charger and set it for LiPo Balance charge 1.8A and 7.4V (2S) and lo and behold it worked!

    But what I need is a cable that goes between the Bugs 2W tiny dual yellow plugs and the yellow plugs on the parallel charging board. Since I have 3 Bugs 2W batteries, would need 3 cables so that I can attach all 3 batteries on the parallel charging board at once?

    Can anyone recommend the best cable or way to do this? Thanks!

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  10. Jackson

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    Yea I missed the boat on that, that silly B2 battery sled makes things tough, sorry.

    If you solder you can make yourself 5 extensions with this.

    16AWG is fine.

    And these balance lead (2s) extenders.

    You can source some heat shrink tubing locally.

    Plenty of vids on soldering XT connectors.

    You can also contact this gal. Just be real clear on what you need, XT30 male on one end, and female on the other. Length, you can figure that out.
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    That's awesome Jackson! I messaged Karens-Good-Buy about the cables. We'll see what she comes back with. I'll also order the balance extenders too. Thanks again for the quick response and advice!
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    I must admit I was a little disappointed after clicking those links. :D

    jk - as usual, I learn so much from your awesome posts, @Jackson Thanks!
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