Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide

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    If it's allowed, I'll throw another in there. There's a study guide here with a lot of extra resources and unlimited practice tests.
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    I've been looking into what it takes to get the Part 107 UAS license. I poked around on youtube videos but most of the ones I found were shilling for a $300 course. Also several of the videos I watched on the $300 class mentioned study time in the 12-15 hour neighborhood.

    Then, I came across a free one by a pro-photographer that I've been following for a while. The cool part is that it's only about an hour and forty-five minutes and he really breaks it down to make it easy to understand. Several of the people in the comments section report getting scores in the 90% range (you only need 70% to pass). I watched it once and then tried my hand at some practice tests here: I went through all 126 questions (there are only 60 on the test) and scored 85%. My weak spot was on some of the weather related questions - so I'll be paying better attention to those parts of his video the next time I watch it. He suggests you watch a couple times, so I feel like that's probably all you need to get you in the 90s (or at least passing). At $150 fee whether you pass or fail - I wanted to know where I stood before investing more time.

    Anyway, I'm not associated in any way with either Tony or the 3dr site. I just wanted to pass on the information I found around getting licensed with minimal effort. FYI, The 3dr site made me enter my email after the third or fourth test (they are in 10 question chunks). I believe the questions are from the practice/study questions available from the FAA, but I have not validated this. The test format shows you what you got wrong so you can learn a little more while taking the practice tests.

    Hope this helps any of you interested in this.

    FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test
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    For anyone looking into this, the free video I mentioned above worked like a champ. This morning I passed the 107 knowledge test with an 85%. My total time invested was watching the video twice, reviewing his study page, and taking two free practice tests - so maybe 5 hours of total study time.

    Next up is waiting to see if I pass the super secret background check. With any luck I’ll be licensed in another week or so.

    Full disclosure: I’m reading and posting while at a knitting class with my wife. I don’t get why people like it but I usually enjoy learning stuff even I won’t ever use it. I’m counting on this as brownie points when I make my wife be the spotter when I get an FPV drone :)
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    Nice link.

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