Reduced Price: 2x Lancaster MkIII fixed wing, Visual & NIR sensors

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    2 used Lancaster MkIII aircraft, sensors and accessories

    1 drone w pelican case, 1 sensor w pelican case, 3 batteries, 1 charger $12,500
    1 drone with pelican case, 1 sensor, 4 batteries, 1 charger $12,500
    I'll take $3,000 off if you buy the whole lot was $25,000 now $22,000

    Break down:

    • 2x Precision Hawk Lancaster Mk. III, Rev.IV
    • 1x Nikon 18.5 MM visual sensor
    • 1x Nikon 10 MM multispec (BGNIR) sensor
    • 3 Pelican cases
    • 7 Batteries
    • 2x Futaba controllers
    • 2x com stations
    • 2x battery chargers (imax)
    • Spare wings and tail

    All items in great excellent condition. We are selling because we are moving out of the agriculture market.
    Let me know if you are interested or you want to see more pics

    IMG_4968_2_25.jpg IMG_20140522_235036_30.jpg IMG_20140522_235410_30.jpg IMG_4946_2_30.jpg IMG_20140523_001642_30.jpg -------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Reduced Price
  3. glideher

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    beautiful kit,,my question is, since the motor/prop is in the nose, to put a camera facing forward, does the prop get in the way of the camera?
  4. AGC Drones

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    The camera fits into the payload bay so it is flush with the base of the drone pointing straight down. I've attached a pics of the underside.
    BTW we use the duct tape to soften the landing. There is no damage to the aircraft so you can remove it if you prefer.
    IMG_4987_30.jpg IMG_4988_30.jpg

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