Reciever getting mad signals

Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by Sportinger, Nov 15, 2017.

  1. Sportinger

    Sportinger New Member

    Hello everyone,

    i have build a micro quad and have an issue with the reciever.
    I connected the LR1000 (frsky from furious fpv) via SbUS to my FC (HGLRC XJB f428).

    fc and LR1000.jpg

    after binding i get somehow crazy signals which can be influenzed by moving the stick on the taranis. I think this ais related to the wrong serial reciever provider which is set to spectrum by default although i got frsky. But if i switch to SBUS i dont get any signals at all

    mad signals.gif

    Iam obviousy doing something wrong. If somebody could give me a direction to look in, would be great !

    b1.PNG b2.PNG

    all the bests,

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  2. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

    Hi mate just for a test disable the FPV this some times makes the receiver play up
    I think Sbus needs to be turned on in the transmitters well FCB
  3. Sportinger

    Sportinger New Member

    i didnt install the VTX yet, just the Camera signal into the FC. should i disconnect this ? As one can tell iam not that familiar with everything, started half a year ago with tiny whoop, that was no problem. This is "the next" step for me ;)
    on first build, i connected PPM from the board to the telemetrie on the reciever and sbus to sbus. A friend told me that this was not right because one ether needs PPM or Sbus, but not both. Perhaps i fired the reciever ?
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Have you run through the calibration steps, accelerometer etc?
  5. Sportinger

    Sportinger New Member

    i did a factory reset, calibration on the Betafight setup page, the one click thing. (1).gif
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