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    After much searching for drones I can play outside under reasonable wind condition while maintaining altitude, I have decided to either buy a GPS drone or an Optical Flow drone.
    Against my otherwise better judgement, I let the temptation get the better of me.
    I bought both :
    SJRC Z5, a gps drone.
    ATOYX AT-146, an optical flow positioning drone.

    Results playing outdoor with wind speed <10 mph...………..
    Needless to say, the Z5 can easily handle wind and altitude. It has gps.
    Surprisingly, the AT-146 performs marvelously. It "sticks" in the air regardless. I could go make a pot of coffee, came back, and it would still be where I left it. Better still, I can play this one indoor. Unlike the Z5, this one is a mini drone. Perfect for my small apartment.
    Now, ON Your Mark > Get Set > Drone.
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    Awesome thanks for the update too good to know that technique actually works pretty well would also be curious to know what kind of actual flight times you get vs the advertised (generally crazy) numbers the ATOYX AT-146 one looks like a pretty sweet deal too only $50 on Amazon here in the states.
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    That's one major down side...……….
    Flight time : about 6 minutes.
    Worse. Proprietary battery. To buy a 2nd battery : C$29.99 each, and delivery date is between April 23rd to May 14th. Must be from China.
    I can't win. They got me one way or the other.

    P.S. I paid C$73.69 minus C$6.00 promo sales. C$67.69 total.
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  4. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    If you or fellow American members are interested on Optical Flow drones, have a look at this SG106.
    It boasts a 22 minutes flight time ( so, we can expect 12-15 minutes ?)
    With 2 proprietary batteries included, it seems like an interesting deal.
    The price is right.
    The link posted is from American site,
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    For the US members...….
    If you are interested in trying out an optical flow positioning drone, here is one from (US).
    TKKJ L603 Foldable FPV
    US $55.99
    Fly time : 12 min.

    Functions :
    optical flow , altitude hold, headless mode, APP control, trajectory flight, 3D flip, take photo&video, one key tak-off/one key landing, VR function(not including VR glasses).
    Battery: 3.7V 850mAh Lipo Battery (Included)
    Charging time: 100-110min
    Flying time: about 12mins
    R/C distance: about 80m
    Video Resolution: 0.3MP HD
    manufacture recommanded age:14 above
  6. davidhk129

    davidhk129 Well-Known Member

    For members who may not aware of the Optical Flow Positioning feature, have a look at the video below. Enjoy.

    TKKJ L603 You-tube video :
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