QX 90 madness!!

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    So I've fried out 3 flight boards on my QX 90 and started thinking I'm done with brushed micros, but then I noticed all the batteries, props, and spare motors I had laying around going to waste.

    So like any sane quadcopter addict would do I ordered a QX 90cPro I think it was, the one with terrible camera and a weak frame that breaks as soon as you flip the switch to arm lol.

    To make a long story short I took the flight board and motors off the cPro and put them on the original QX 90 frame and added a better camera aio w 200mW vtx lol: 20180721_155442-1-1.jpg
    She flies very well for a micro lol and I have plenty of motors and batteries, but the best thing is the new camera which freaking rocks!
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    Hey, brushed micros can be a lot of fun.
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