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    My current quad that I usually fly is currently grounded due to the fact that a motor is missing a c-clip. I have the clips, but of coarse all the screws are stripped! So instead of trying to deal with that issue, I decided to be stubborn and throw together an entire new build... similar, but prettier. I already had all the parts because I am hawk for the sales and jump on them when I see them. So here it is.... I put this bad boy together in a single night and had a blast doing it!
    20180605_231350.jpg 20180605_231402.jpg

    Only issue I came across was that my motor directions were backwards for two of the motors.. I was careful about my motor wiring and 100% sure I had them wired the way I wanted to get the desired results, but then again.. they are Racerstar motors so I am not surprised.

    Luckily, we have something called BLheli suite (BL.. hmm nice catch to it ;))… anyways, thanks to the Blheli configurator I was able to easily reverse my motor direction, as well as, calibrate my ESCs. So I recommend to anybody n, don't worry about crossing wires if your using Blheli ESCs. It is much quicker to just use the Blheli configurator to change anything.

    Components List:
    F3 FC
    Racerstar 2205 2300kv Motors
    Racerstar 4in1 30A ESC
    Matek PDB
    Runcam Sparrow
    Flysky X6B Receiver
    Matek 5.8G VTX
    Realacc Anti-vibration mounts
    Nylon Motor Wire Protective Tube
    Motor Protection & Landing Gears
    (Not sure about the frame... It was so long ago, and I accidently bought 2 at the time)

    The above prices are most likely not the same as what I paid for them. For instance, I was able to get those motors for $6 a piece, and the 4in1 ESC for about $25. I jumped on a sale, when a wearhouse was trying to get rid of them.

    My thoughts of the finished quad:
    • Very clean build & great color scheme IMO. No loose wiring, and the motor wires are wrapped in nylon, which looks very slick.
    • The components are a bit outdated, but like I said, this was built with all extra parts I already have. Some of the parts are still newer than the original.
    • Not a fan of the frame, But it's a 4mm thick baseplate so should be sturdy enough.
    • Matek VTX works great with my Fatsharks.. (will update after more flying)
    • Motor guards & landing gear add more style. Probably won't protect very much.
    • Not very much protection of the electronics, so adding a silicone coating is recommended for a case like this.
    • The most difficult part of the build, was putting those damn motor guards on!

    This quad should get me back up in the air flying, and keep me satisfied until I get a Chameleon built and finish the 450 I mentioned in other posts (waiting on new parts).

    Happy flying!
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