Question for the member that owns Holy Stone HS400

Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Fly high, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Fly high

    Fly high Well-Known Member

    I saw someone on another thread who said he has one of those and if you see this thread I have a question for you. I bought one and immediately hated it because it doesn’t land without crashing and flipping over, so I sent it back. Well, their complaint center sent me another one today that was a rebox and missing every screw. I got the screws at Ace hardware and flew it. Same damn thing. What am I doing wrong. I push the land button when it’s directly over a flat surface right in front of me and like on the last one I returned, it doesn’t kill the engines, it just flops over onto the props and scrapes across the ground. Even pushing down both throttles won’t kill the engines. Hopefully you’ll see this thread.
    Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. Pbot

    Pbot Member

    I have a 110 and had same problem . Stopped using the auto stop and just throttled down and turned the transmitter off works fine now
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  3. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    The altitude control keeps it from landing, get it low and hit the emergency stop, that's how I land mine.

    Calibrating the drone on level ground helps the flight, once paired, hold both sticks to the bottom left corners till the lights stop flashing.
  4. Fly high

    Fly high Well-Known Member

    Yeah I always recalibrate them each time I take off. I’ll take your advice on the emergency stop as well as pbot who said he turns off his transmitter once it’s about on the ground. All these drones have their own quirks. Thanks
  5. Rich Shippy

    Rich Shippy Member

    That's strange, I just throttle mine down and they stop in a few seconds? I have the Promark version (same drone) and love the thing. App works great and I get 400 ft. out and 400 ft. high no problem. I love cruising it, RTH always works great, and for a cheaper drone the camera is pretty good and I like the up/down articulation. GPS lock is always good on this one too.

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