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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Mike, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    A while back, we started quadcopterframe.com to make a few bucks to pay for the hosting of this forum. We made a few sales here and there, but never even sold out our initial inventory, so I just marked everything down about up to 40% to start clearing it out so we can get some newer, more in demand stuff to sell! =)

    If anyone is looking for any flamewheel style frames (multiple color combos), landing gear, or SimonK ESCs, check it out:


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  2. DuaneM

    DuaneM Drone? I don't see any drone ... crap!

    Wow I wish I saw this during my build, your parts are cheaper!
  3. Elaine

    Elaine DJI drone

  4. BL Swagger

    BL Swagger Well-Known Member

    Just bought a frame. Very nice site too btw.
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  5. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    Thanks! We'll be bringing a lot of improvements in the new year, selling more ready to fly quads and additional stuff so the site will be a lot more useful.

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