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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by j.p., Jan 8, 2017.

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    Hi guys, I'm planning on getting a X220 Wizard after having a lot of fun with my Nano QX. I've seen quite a bit of good feedback and it looks like a lot of fun to fly. This will be my first time diving into FPV flight.


    I'm curious what you all would recommend for batteries and a charger along with anything else that would be needed for a good flight. I assume a buzzer would be a good addition, along with heat shrink and some zip ties to protect the antennas of the receiver.

    I'm planing on getting a FPV google system and I'm open to any suggestions. I'm dreaming of building my own FPV racer with OSD in the future, and I hear that the fatshark style can blur the text on the edges of the screen. Do the large screen head sets show OSD better?

    I have a DX6i and a SMP4648, I assume that is compatable with the flight board? I think there's a Spektrum port on the fb, but I may be mistaken.

    Thanks for any feed back.
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    I just got a wizard set up for Christmas. I'll offer up what I got as some food for thought and maybe it'll help you narrow down your search!

    Mine came with the SP Racing F3 flight controller. You can view the manual for it online HERE. Looks like it says in the manual that it supports: Spektrum1024/2048. Mine did come with a bag of tiny zip-ties that I used to strap down the antenna.

    What is your budget for some goggles? This quad was my first step into FPV so I didnt want to dive into some FatSharks right off the bat. I started with these guys on Bangood for like $80 bucks and I gotta admit, the image isnt bad for the money (using the loads of YouTubes I've watched as comparison). I'll want to upgrade sometime but I didnt want to break the bank getting into FPV so they're a nice starter set.

    For batteries I got one at a local shop and one online. Both 1300mah and 4s. Looks like the local battery's brand is R-Line and the one I got online is an Infinity brand battery. The battery charger I got is this one and so far it's worked great and you cant beat $13 bucks.

    Like I said I'm just getting stared here myself so I dont have a book to write for you but hopefully this helps in some way. One thing I've picked up on is that alot of people have switched out the video antenna on the wizard for something like the TBS Triumph. From what I hear it improves your range and quality immediately so that'll be the next thing I grab.

    Good luck rounding up your kit!
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate the feed back. I've been looking at both the googles, and I'm thinking the eachine HD googles may be a good choice, if I move the metal sticker on the antenna to the back from what I've seen. Then I wondered if HD is worth the money. I'm still going through reviews on youtube. I wish I could try each one on the market with my own eyes.

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