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Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by mtnmanfpv, Sep 1, 2016.

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    I haven't had much luck with my searching, so I'll start another thread. Does anyone here have a link to simple, concise instructions for loading new parameters into the runcam from the runcam config. tool? I've watched soooo many videos, and tried sooo many variations on the saving and loading routine, with no luck. The darn cam just re-boots with default parameters. I generated a new set of parameters, saved the file to a separate folder on my desktop, and then loaded into cam from there. no good. I took the SD card out of the camera, put it directly into my laptop, and copied the config. file from my folder directly onto the SD. Double check, the file shows on the card directory. Load it into the camera, turn it on, and I still have default settings. It's gotta be something I'm missing. Anybody got any ideas?

    I've heard that there's a good discussion on this in "RCGroups" forums, but unfortunately, there seems to be no "search" function in their forums, so I've spent hours looking for the thread, "The updates of RUNCAM HD firmware and configuration software." No luck so far finding that.

    Yes, I did go to the RUNCAM site and dld'd the latest offerings.

    Just damned if I can get 'em to work!
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    Thanks Jackson, I'll let you know if I get it straightened out.

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