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Discussion in 'Safety & Regulation' started by Mike, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Obviously, this will be the best place to discuss safety tips and advice, as well as information relating to safety features and products for quads - but Holtneil also had the great suggestion that we use this area to post warnings about things that have gone wrong with specific products and how to avoid those issues if possible. This could have to do with bugs, poor design, or even bad things caused by improper use.

    In order to make this section easier to search, I'd suggest the following format for threads:

    Title: "Product Name" - Short description of the issue experienced by you or someone else.
    Content: Details, steps to recreate the issue, steps to avoid it, etc.

    I'm hoping that once there are enough of these posts, people will be able to search this section with a product name and get a list of threads describing the potential issues or hazards that might be present in that product. I'll start with one of my experiences as somewhat of a template. Obviously, there aren't any strict rules, so any posts warning of potential issues will be appreciated, even if you don't use the same format.

    Thanks everyone!
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    Great idea on the faulty products
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