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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mike, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Mike

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    This will also be sent out to members via email:

    We're very sorry for any issues anyone had posting or replying for the past two days. We posted some bad code to the site and it broke our input forms for posting and other things. We test all changes thoroughly on a dummy site prior to implementing them, but this time, we didn't catch the issue. I'm going to go make a new development copy of the site now and replace the dummy site to ensure all conditions are exactly the same so I can retest the changes and make sure nothing breaks this time before we put it into production.

    Again, we're very sorry for all the inconvenience. I personally hate it when websites don't work they way they should, so I know how frustrated you probably were if you've tried to post over the past couple of days.

    We'll do everything we can to not let it happen again!


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  2. I in da sky

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    All looks good now !! Thanx. Now.....if I just had more time to finish my first ship !!!

  3. Mike

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    Good luck!! I think we all wish we had more time!

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