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  1. Hello
    I have a problem with my drone (which I am building).
    Practically when I arm the engines the number of laps, set by me on cleanflight, is 1060. When I move the throttle lever (transmitter futaba t8fg) the number of revolutions rises dramatically at over 1600 rpm (on engine 3, the other engines do not change the number of revolutions) then settles there. If I move it again the revs increase and if I bring the throttle stick to the max the laps not only arrive at 2000 but the engines start to make a bad noise.
    Can you help me solve this problem?

    On cleanflight in the receiver tab if I move the transmitter sticks they move correctly.

    This is teh procedure that I followed to calibrate the ESCs:

    1) put the drone in leveled plane
    2) calibrated the accelerometer
    3) calibrated the ESCs, bringing the general lever (on cleanflight) of the motors to the max and connecting the battery. After the various beeps lowered to 0 the lever (other beeps) and then disconnected the battery.

    I set the maximum throttle at 1850, the minimum at 1060 and the minimum command at 1000

    Transmitter: Futaba T8FG
    PDB: Maitek Mini power hub 5v & 12v
    FC: SP Racing F3 deluxe (last firmware)
    ESC: BLHeliS oneshot42 (last firmware)
    Receiver: Futaba R617FS
    Battery: Turnigy nano-tech 1800mah 3S 56-130C

    Ch1: Aileron
    Ch2: Elevetor
    Ch3: Throttle
    Ch4: Rudder
    Aux1: arm engine
    Aux2: flight mode (angle, horizon, air)
    Aux3: empty now

    Thank you all
  2. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    They will never match since they are commanded by the flight controller. Some motors do sound terrible when revved up. Have you had it in the air yet?

    A video will help to see what kind of issues there could be.
  3. No, never fly...
    This is a photo of the throttle stick:

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  4. i cannot post a video :(
  5. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    The motors tab is really intended only for checking motor rotation. Testing your motors for range on the bench with no props can easily damage your motors (think of holding the gas petal of your car down while not in gear) and the gyro can cause them to do wonky things. However I see you're using Oneshot42 protocol for your ESCs. What ESCs are they and are they capable of DShot?
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  7. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

  8. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the XS ESCs are great but you need the XSDs to run DShot. Well, I shouldn't say that as you can make the XS DShot compatible but it involves some tricky desoldering and removal of some tiny capacitors
  9. I not be able :( I'm afraid to do a damage
  10. Can you explain me step by step all the tests I have to do to correct the problem? The protocol I use is oneshot42
  11. I think the problem is in the flight controller. I think it's malfunctioning. I have seen videos where the engines, when the throttle stick moves, gradually increase the laps ( ). My FC instead increases the number of laps quickly.
    I installed the propellers, grounded and tried to make it rise. The quadcopter moves forward and to the right (as if the engine 3 pushes more). And as it happens, even on cleanflight in the tab motors, engine 3 rises quickly (see the video above).
    What do you think?
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  12. I purchased and installed a new flight controller (SP Racing F3 Acro) but the problem remains. At this point where can the problem be?

    This is the video with a new FC:

  13. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    You probably need to update your ESCs to the latest BLHeli_S firmware using the BLHeli Configurator. Latest stable release is 16.7
  14. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Put some props on it & try fly it.
    Motors always twitch when there is no props on. & like RENOV8R said it's a motor killer. If still nothing try a board reset in the setup tab.
  15. The ESCs are updated to version 16.7.

    With the propellers the result does not change. When I move the throttle stick a little, I feel the engines increase the revs considerably. If I move the throttle stick again the quadcopter moves forward and to the right.

    Can you post a video of the correct behavior of your engins in the tab motors on Cleanflight/Betaflight?
  16. I did another trial. I changed the configuration from Quad X (4213) to Quad X 1234. This time cleanflight shows me that motor 4 is revving up. So the same problem on the same physical engine. Could it be the ESC to have problems? I do not know what to think

    esc0.jpg esc1.jpg
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  17. Someone can help me? :(
  18. Jackson

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    I guess you could try moving that 'same physical engine' to another arm and see what happens.
  19. I've resolved the problem changing the ESC and now it's ok. Is there a way to repair (some test to do) the old ESC?

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