PolarPro Filters for the DJI Spark | Side-by-Side Image Comparisons

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    First of all let me just say I am a huge fan of this little machine. I have a Phantom 4 which is an awesome drone, but I have been flying the Spark more due to the portability and overall quality. I wanted to get the most out of the camera, so I bought some PolarPro filters to try out. After using them I will never fly my Spark without a filter mounted.

    There are already about a million reviews on the Spark, but I will still be doing my own kind of review (review over time). My plan is to reach a total of 100 flights before posting a pros/cons video review. Here's a summary of my thoughts and experience thus far:

    • Great build quality
    • Size and portability are a HUGE benefit for me for many reasons. Primarily for transport, but also for how inconspicuous this little drone makes the pilot look. It doesn't draw a lot of attention.
    • Image quality is better than I expected. The 2-axis gimbal and EIS work well for me. 1080 30fps is also just fine for getting cinematic shots. The slow speed of the Spark lends well to cinematic video. Also very pleased with photo quality.
    • Extremely easy to fly. My wife will be getting comfortable with drones with this one.
    • I have had no problems with range. My video feed is solid out as far as my visual line of sight. Very pleased with this.
    • Little dog, big bite.
    • Lack of image stabilization in Sports mode
    • Short flight time. I have been averaging 14-minutes which isn't horrible, but I only feel satisfied after 3-batteries
    • Initial setup is convoluted and could be more intuitive
    • No gimbal protector is included
    • Very slow machine (unless in Sports mode of course). In order to maintain stable video due to the 2-axis gimbal, speed is limited.
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