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    Well this one was a bit fiddly with having sausage fingers but eventually got it nailed after a few problems.
    From this to this.
    IMG_20180520_173120366_HDR-1024x575.jpg IMG_20180520_182726339_crop_565x217.jpg
    Saying problems, well two.
    The motors needed remapping as motor 1&2 where mixed up on the hakrc esc. no biggy but a first & the omnibus f3 nano which I put in backwards so the cam pins where right next to the cam. No feeding wires around the stack. But when it came to betaflight the board orientation had to be flipped over & then 180° which is odd & another first.
    Unless I have a frame changing crash, this will be my last build(this year) :D as the mrs said "bloody 6 of em @ £200 each" the cogs where ticking.

    Parts list

    Gofly falcon V2 frame

    Racerstar BR1106 motors

    HAKRC 15amp 4in1 esc

    Omnibus F3 nano

    FSRX2 Pro rx

    Cheap cmos cam from sum yun gi.

    16v 470uf low ESR Capacitor.

    The cap works but need to keep an eye on it as I usually use a 35v 1000uf for other 5" 3S & 4S builds.
    The esc is rated upto 4S but I think that's dodgy when it's near the end I may throw a 4s at it & see if these motors can take it.
    The first motors I bought where DYS 1806 that where rated 2-3S I ran em on 3 for a year then when a set was squeaking I put a 4S on & they where OK. But somehow I don't think they will. I don't have any 400mah 4s to try @ the moment. I can get it done on the 3S on this size. Not crazy power but enough.
    My other 130's esc's I know can take 4s as the pocket rocket are on another 4 of my builds.
    Has anyone come across high C rated 4S @ around 350mah - 450mah.
    Above 50C. If this is possible.

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