Phantom 3 stress cracks repair results.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by photojunky, May 13, 2018.

  1. photojunky

    photojunky Well-Known Member

    Took the motor mount repair bracket off to see if the glue held the cracks together. Well, it did but new stress cracks developed.
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  2. Jay3282

    Jay3282 Member

    What do you think the results might be from gluing the caps/arm covers on permanently with jb weld for plastic? Not necessarily suggesting to try it out just wondering if anyone has tried that out. Also I am curious as to those caps usual purpose, are they for preserving the arm ends in the first place or are for band aiding them after they have developed cracks?
  3. photojunky

    photojunky Well-Known Member

    I was actually considering that but for some reason there seems to be a little more drag on that motor when spinning it by hand. If I did use some gorilla glue, the expanding kind, or some JB weld, then I may have a harder time getting that motor off if the screws were frozen on. I could probably get away with it if I applied a light coat of WD or some type of lubricant on the screws so they would not adhere. As for the extra weight of the glue, I don't thing that would make too much of a difference. If the cracks get much bigger maybe I will do that.
  4. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    You sure you aren't over tightening the screws? As far as the Loctite you only need a very small dab at the end.


    Just touch the puddle.

    You want to avoid any contact with the plastic.
    You like testing. Get one of these phone apps, then tape it to each of your arms and see if there is a difference.
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  5. photojunky

    photojunky Well-Known Member

    I purposely left the screws loose. I used one of those apps a while back to balance some Motors on one of my hexacopters. Time consuming but one motor was way off. Probably from one of my crashes.

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