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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KoMoDo, Apr 23, 2017.

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    I built a quadcopter that ran just fine but wanted to make some modifications. The XT60 connector had some crimps in place and I wanted it to be more flexible so I soldered the negative wires of the ESC's together going into the XT60, and the positive wires of the ESC's together into the XT60. Since then, 2 motors spin just fine, while the other 2 (diagonal pairs) are stuttering. Keep in mind that I also re-laser cut the base so I had to place the flight controller and all of the components on the new body.

    I am using BLHeli 12A ESC's, eMax 2300's, SPRacing F3 flight controller.

    I would really appreciate some troubleshooting help on this. I tried running continuity on the wiring and that all seems fine. I tried calibrating the ESC's and that didn't do it either.

    Thank you,
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    What does that mean?
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    Thank you for asking for clarification - I realized that didn't make much sense and edited my post. Let me know if that makes more sense now. As mentioned, I ran continuity on the wiring and it all seems to be fine. The stuttering is kind of weird and systematic - it doesn't necessarily make me think that the stuttering motors aren't getting the same current as the 2 motors that are fine.
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    I don't know what to tell you. Obviously your procedures are the cause.
    Maybe that is where you have to inspect more carefully.
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    Can you elaborate on that? I calibrated the flight controller in Betaflight since it is a little tilted due to the fact that it has a couple connectors on the bottom so that tilts the flight controller a bit. This was similar in my last setup though.
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    Check that the screws are not touching the coils on the stator. Sadly this is what it sounds like. Also check that none of the wires on the motor feel oddly loose like they could have broken off in the insulation back inside the motor. If this is the case you'll likely need a new motor and either a spacer(thin washer would do), shorter screws, or a thicker motor mount.
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    You nailed it. Some of the allen motor mounts were too long and rubbed up against the coils.

    Thank you! Now on to PID adjustments for days... :)

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