Omnibus f4 v3 with sd black box

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    Hello typical new member arrives with questions
    I have a wizard 220s, my first drone
    Had it up and flying just perfectly so yep it was working. Ok so I flashed the omnibus f4v3 with an sd card for black box using betaflight with the latest version
    I have lost the connection from rx (transmitter) to the drone in betaflight. Rx (reciever is bound correcly) however I move the sticks on the tx and bf shows no movement

    The tx is a fs-16 x set on ibus as my rx dosnt support s bus and pre flashing the drone was flying
    The rx ( reciever) is an flysky x6b and is connected via the ibus port and to the fc on the ibus/sbus channel.the pad was soldered to use sbus/iibus and again the drone was flying pre flash
    In betaflight uart 6 was selected as this is were the rx is connected as serial rx
    In betaflight reciever was selected to serial-based reciever (speksat....) you know the deal
    The reciever protocol was set to ibus, lets not forget the drone was flying using the above settings.
    Ok so manually re entered the above but betaflight acts like its not connected to the tx.i select uart6 as serial based reciever, save and reboot only to find its no longer turned on after the reboot
    The throttle channel on betbetaflight currently shows a low value of 885, using subtrim on the rx has zero effect
    Rebooted re bound resetup reflashed god knows how many times now
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