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Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Sndyrds, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Sndyrds

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    I've RC'd cars, flown aircraft, and built high end RC cars...I had some fun.
    I know the hazards of this hobby.
    I am a licensed aircraft mechanic. I'm a pilot. I can build ALL MOST ANYTHING.
    I'm currently into quads.... Don't have one, I'm shopping for a system, that doesn't piss me off, and drain my bank account!
    I am using my mind to do this not just a credit card with a knee jerk reaction!, I've probably made/or are making up my mind.

    It's still good to seek, deep, and current knowledge.
    I'm current in knowledge of motors, props, battery and charging systems. H-quad, X quad...
    I understand flight controllers, software, etc....

    What I want is.... A reasonable priced, do what I need transmitter FrSky/Turnigy. I don't need 3 useless hobby grade trasmitters!
    Looking at Quanum VR headset. I understand FPV/Transmitter/ recievers, base stations/ expensive antennas.
    Eventually I'll fly a video/FPV, bird... And I'll have something on the order of a seriousFPV racer, only for fun, and a second aircraft for photo/video. And for now a CHEAP aircraft to learn on and destroy....I said I know what I am doing!
    I'm looking at Quanum, Nova, and Venture, also a lot of possibility Walkera. And on the cheap...with a good transmitter, and reciever, ,Cheap but good learner quad Syma.
    What's your thinking, thoughts?
  2. Jackson

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  3. mozquito1

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    Buy 3 of em for that price. My esc's cost as much as 3 of them.
    Flysky i6 or evo. Are great for beginners. I still got mine after 3years. All I would upgrade to is the evo. Plenty of range for me with my setup. V2 goggles & immersionRC duo.
  4. Jackson

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  5. Rick M

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  6. Jackson

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    Total w/shipping $44.33. :)
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  7. Pbot

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    Would this controller work on the holystone 110 and how do I tell what drones it will control.
  8. Jackson

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    No. There are Bind and Fly quads now that have a FlySky option.

    Like this.

    Or there are options like this where you need to supply your own FlySky receiver.

    If you want something to control toys this is an option.

    It will also work with various standalone receivers if you get into building.

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