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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ArmyVet, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. ArmyVet

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    I was perusing the different forums on here, and noticed that the "Safety Regulation" forum has not had an entry since October, 2018.

    Just a thought. Part of the problem with our hobby as it relates to idiots flying near airports and inside sports stadiums during games. Generally speaking we don't give safety enough attention.

    I'm guilty! This is the first time I went into "Safety Regulation". But then I don't fly near airports either.

    I firmly believe that part of the answer is "self enforcement" The hobby has to "police" itself. And education is a big part of that. Or it is doomed. We will be legislated into oblivion.

    Bang! The sound of me falling off of my soapbox
  2. holtneil

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    That's very true but the only ones that follow the rules are not the one breaking them , we all follow the rules and are the ones that will get tested so we can fly , my mate has a parrot drone and before he can use it be had the register it with parrot so they know by the number on it who has it , but if he sold it on would the next one register it
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  3. wafflejock

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    Similar issues with gun regulation in my area (Chicago) I'm generally for more regulation in this arena and flat not selling certain weapons in retail stores and Chicago does have fairly strict gun laws but our neighbor states of Wisconsin and Indiana don't have the same problems or restrictions and it's an hour or less drive to Indiana. So yah we still have one of the highest gun homicide rates of any major city, but I believe if we had a federal or at least tri-state restrictions would help reduce access (eliminating all bad parties or all access seems impossible but if it reduces the homicide rate I'd still consider it a win). Major source of problems IMO is the disparity between the rich and the poor here (I live in an apartment in Oak Park a pretty wealthy neighborhood and we border Austin one of the poorest neighborhoods where there is no work).

    Guess point being same issue, root of the problem isn't people having guns or having quadcopters, but goal is reducing situations/motives that drive people to use them in violent/destructive ways.

    I'm always torn on the gun laws since I am of the belief that your right to swing your arm ends at my nose, and otherwise I'm generally against regulation or imposing ones will on others, but seeing the homicide rates between our city and say London makes me think regulations can sometimes be helpful (I know about the stabbing crime increase I'm not surprised I'm also less worried about being stabbed by a knife intended for someone else).

    Long story short (shrug) I don't know the right answer but hope the assholes and idiots don't ruin it for everyone else.
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  4. SNSTRLefty

    SNSTRLefty Well-Known Member

    I think there are those in the community that do not help the situation. Good example is Rotor Riot. As cool as their videos are, I have seen them willingly push safety and legality limits just for the footage and it encourages others to follow suit. flying around private property, bandos, sticking stickers on towers (was kinda cool tho),etc without any form of "Don't do this at home" warnings.
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  5. wafflejock

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    Only one thing I'd slightly disagree with there, I don't think flying in bandos is a bad thing... I mean I guess it is private property but if it's an abandoned building especially one left falling apart then I don't really see an actual negative to that, would like to hear why you think that one is bad. I understand stickering things that aren't yours or graffiti things that leave something for someone else to clean up but if you aren't smashing through windows and leaving a mess I don't really see this as a big negative (I don't do it myself but mostly just because there aren't a lot of abandoned buildings near me that are in places I would go with my gear).


    In general I agree though, they used to have a disclaimer right at the beginning about checking local regulations and flying safe, think it was a good thing to include not sure why they dropped it exactly was just a couple of seconds.
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  6. SNSTRLefty

    SNSTRLefty Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong, it would be cool and a good use for unused structures but unfortunately, it is still trespassing without permission and anyone injured on the property can hold the owner responsible. Even something as minor as flying a cool looking mall with only 1 store in the entire place was enough I could have gotten in trouble had I been caught, even with just a whoop. I think that RR should at least advise that either they have permission, like @War Chest has or to not to do this yourself for legal/safety reasons. I would hate to hear someone was seriously injured/killed or arrested and loose their gear
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  7. Tentoes

    Tentoes Well-Known Member

    When someone who doesn't know what they're doing does something stupid, the government(s) punish those of us who follow the rules.
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