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Nighthawk won't arm

Discussion in 'First Build' started by hpops, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. hpops

    hpops New Member


    I have a Nighthawk 280 rtf - I've gone through the setup on both baseflight & cleanflight and completed all the steps in the instructions and various youtube videos.

    Everything seems to behave as expected until it comes to the point where I go to the reciever and arm the motors using the receiver rather than the controls in baseflight/cleanflight.

    The motors respond to the app, but do not respond to moving the sticks on the receiver. I have tried changing the channel map and saving and re-plugging in the battery, but still nothing.

    I've had the same problem with both baseflight & cleanflight. The transmitter and reciver seem to be connected (green light on receiver and red light on transmitter when pluggin in the battery).

    I seemed to get the correct beep feedback when I calibrated the motors too. I have red and blue solid lights showing on the bottom of the frame. I have tried changing the channels (

    Any ideas as to what I have done wrong or what I can check?

    Thanks so much for your help!!!


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