Newbie Needs Help with H501s Questions

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Gene_Drone, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Gene_Drone

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    I have moved up from the H107c. I got the H501s but it's still in the box. I have read the manual and have questions:

    1)What is a “spanner”

    2) What kind of video card do I need?

    3) The batteries I bought appear to be charge (ie. greater than 7 volts) so no need to charge before first flight?

    4) I assume I set the drone to Mode 2 by following the directions for calibrating it in mode 2?

    5) I assume I do the following by holding the transmitter in one hand and moving the drone in the other hand manually?

    6) If one does this to start and stop the motors, what happens if you put the sticks in this position as a part of flying?

    7) I got the Lanlan 5.8Ghz 14dBi High Gain Panel Antenna and 2.4GHz 3dBi Antenna Kit for Hubsan H501S FPV Distance. I do not know how to hook it up. It did not come with directions or a manual.
  2. Jackson

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    They should be very close to 8.4V.
  3. Spork

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    Spanner is the British word for wrench.
  4. Bradmadison

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  5. Rick M

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    To add to the already answered questions:

    2) The best you are willing to fork out for, but definitely a Class 10 micro SD card. Read reviews and look for people who use them in quads or cameras for recording video. Compare read/write speeds. Faster is better.

    3) A 2S (2 cells wired in serial) battery will top out at about 4.2 volts/cell with a full charge. This is why Jackson says 8.4v fully charged. Discharged they will be about 3.5-3.6 volts depending on the LVC (low voltage condition) definition of your flight control board.

    4) I believe you are correct. What they call "calibration" is actually setting the transmitter mode.

    5) "The following" what? Are you talking about compass calibration? If so, you can hold the transmitter in one hand if you choose, but it's probably easier to set it down while you calibrate the compass.

    6) To start/stop the motors, you hold both sticks down/out. Yes, if you did that in mid-flight (and held them in that position) it would shut down the motors. But well before that happened you would have a ton of other problems. The motors would be at idle, the quad would be trying to yaw left at max rate, and pitch and and roll would be at max "nose up" and "roll right". Without any power (at idle) to execute any of those commands, it would simply be falling out of the sky.

    7) Can't help you with this one, but search YouTube using "H501S antenna upgrade" and you should find what you need.
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