new toy, need experiment suggestions (sensitive chemistry scale)

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    nah, you're still good - if you've got your plant and pot, water etc all sealed up in a clear plastic bag, then you've got no mass entering or leaving the system, apart from... sunlight ! Energy/mass equivalence (Einstein and all that), so I think you should see it gain weight over time ? I'm thinking it may even gain/lose weight during the day depending how sunny it is if you can measure it that sensitively.

    I'm not sure if sealing it would suffocate the plant though, don't they take in CO2 and expel oxygen, so eventually it runs out of CO2.
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    Well I have access to CO2 for welding so I could make the soil and air rich in that before sealing, though I don't think this is sensitive enough o measure sunlight's contribution in photosymphisis. I believe that the sunlight is only used for converting the food into energy so you would have the same effect. Worst case is that the plant grows but shows no weight difference hahaha.
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    only one way to find out :)
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