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    I purchased a Totem Q330 frame, Blheli 30A ESC's, a CC3D PDB, Naze32 FC which has built in Frysky Telemetry Inverter and 6045 props so far. I have a few questions since Im just starting out.. What is FrySky Telemetry and how compatible is it? What should I get to complete my build as far as motors, transmitter and receiver? Should I buy cheap stuff and as I get better at flying buy the more pricier items for future builds? What are some good sites to purchase from?

    Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
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    You will need a taranis Tx to use that inverter. Not cheap. The naze32 will shortly be unsupported by cleanflight or betaflight.
    The chip is too small for all the data required. Should have got an F3 or 4 fcb.
    Yes start cheap, but it does not mean it's rubbish.
    Emax 2205
    Littlebee 20a pro esc's
    SPF3 fcb
    TS5828S vtx 5v out
    HS 1177 cam
    Flysky i6 tx & ia6b rx or
    Turnigy evolution Tx & ia6c rx.
    The SPF3 is a cheap reliable board but an AIO fcb & pdb would be better for weight.
  3. mozquito1

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    Is this for racing, acro or photography?
  4. Jackson

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    MrCORDAY New Member

    Something told me when I ordered it to look go another route..........Im going to send it back and get an F3 or F4...............I want to use it for racing and acro

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    That's is Good to know cowboy. If that performs like my i6 with 10 channels then it's a bargain. Maybe patch it to 18 channels. In 18 months I've had 1 failsafe. The range is great as I only use 2-350m @most either way.
    Gonna bite the bullet & order a turnigy evolution this weekend. Not many about over here & 2nd hand. So it will be shipped from the not so United States of America to the 51st state.

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