Need some guidance how to program Flight Control Board

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Tim K Jr, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Tim K Jr

    Tim K Jr New Member

    This is my first drone build. I watched YouTube videos on how to wire up a drone. I bought a Crazepony QAV215 FPV Racing Drone Frame Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame, HOBBYMATE 5-in-1 QAV Quadcopter PDB-Board-BEC 5V/3A-12V, LED Light Controller, Flyaway Finder & Battey Low Voltage Alarm, LHI CC3D Openpilot Self-stabilizing Flight Controller 32Bit for Multirotor Mini QAV250 White, 4pcs DR2205 2500KV FPV Brushless Motor, and 4 ESC’s.

    I soldering it all up. Then tested it with a battery to see if all is wired up correctly. The PDB lit up 3 red lights and started beeping 3 times in a row. The instructions said 3 beeps means “Start Force” I don’t know what that means? Then a YouTube video said to download “Openpilot” well that discountiued and said “Librepilot” replaces it. I downloaded the downloads it said to do. Then nothing worked. Heard from a hobby store I had to open those files that was compressed. So I did. I plugged in the USB into my laptop and the other end into the drone Flight Controller Board. Yellow light came on solid with a slow blinking light next to it. Computer program didn’t recognize the drone. Drone shows it’s getting power from the laptop but no setting showing up on laptop. The drone battery is disconnected.

    What am I missing? Did I load the wrong software in?
  2. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    Have you installed the correct drivers?
  3. Tim K Jr

    Tim K Jr New Member

    Drivers, you mean the ones from that page saying down this down that and Zig. Yes and I opened them and loaded them. I thought I did it right.... Here is my email address to get ahold of me faster. I need help please. My g mail is Kingjr73

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