need help binding.

Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by rainier, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. rainier

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    So I've been into quadcopters for around 5 months and I've always bought RTFs. So to take another step into the hobby I decided to buy. an assemble and bind quadcopter, taranis x9d plus and orange DSM2/DSMX module. I've been doing some reading for the past two weeks and I cant seem to figure how to set it up and bind it. can you please lend me a hand and guide as to how I can make this thing fly. i'm really lost. 20160211_222721.jpg 20160211_222731.jpg
  2. Jackson

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    Is that the bind button?

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  3. rainier

    rainier New Member

    You mean where I got it? the link from banggood is on top of the image.

    I got this multimeter earlier. no idea how to use it though.
    Ge 50953 17-range 6-function Digital Multimeter

    I apologize if I'm missing infos for you to be able to help. I'm a complete noob, thank you for your patience. ^^
  4. Jackson

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    Ignore my sig. look at the pic.
  5. rainier

    rainier New Member

    yes it is. i hold it and attach the battery. then select bind on taranis x9d plus. but its doesnt bind.

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