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Discussion in 'Experimentation' started by RohanSequeira, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Hi, Im Rohan and im experimenting with building a mini quad from scratch.

    Ive built a 450 size quad before using brushless motors and a CC3D FC and its been performing well but honestly there was no build satisfaction as it just involved assembly of all components.

    So this project where i want to build everything from scratch.

    This mini quad has 716 coreless motors, a Motor driver board using A2SHB si2302 N-channel Mosfets, 10k Resistors and 1N4007 Diodes.

    The Motor driver circuit Description..

    (Please see attached Image file)

    Gate is connected to PWM signal output ( Turnigy receiver)
    Source is connected to ground
    10k resistor between gate and ground ( between the gate and source pins on si2302)
    Drain is connected to motor(-ve) with Diode in parallel

    The PWM signal is provided by the Turnigy 5ch Tx-Rx. The arduino Mpu6050 interface is omitted as i want to test the motor driver circuit.

    There are some issues with the build as shown in the video.

    As soon as i turn on the transmitter, all the motors start to spin slowly. If i toggle any joysticks to change the pwm signals to any motors, that respective motor spins just a little faster or slower but the motors dont generate any thrust.

    However if i bypass the Mosfet and connect a jumper between the Drain and Source, the motor spin velocity is high enough to lift that arm of the quad of the ground.

    I have my doubts on the following..

    1. The choice of Mosfet. Im beginning to wonder if si2302ds is good enough but 90% of all reference i look up have used this mosfet.
    2. The 10k resistor, is it overkill?

    Can someone please help with a solution. Would be obliged..

    Thank you.

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    Hoping to get some inputs on this..

  3. Jackson

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    Well maybe 4 years ago, but these days flight controllers are very, very sophisticated as is the software that runs them. A product of hundreds of folks and man hours with input from some of the best, most experienced pilots out there.

    If you are looking for 'satisfaction' contribute to to the Betaflight project by joining the group. It's constantly being tweaked.

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