My quad does what it wants

Discussion in 'Flying' started by Rolando Vallejo Clemente, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Hello there, new in the forum and new in the hobble. I hope somebody will help me.
    I have a JJRC JJPRO X5 Epik, which btw is the same drone as the MJX Bugs 5W.
    I've been flying it around for a few times, but lately, it is able to fly almost correctly for one or two minutes, then it starts to wobble and starts to go down and hits the ground, then goes up again and then down just to hit the ground again. What is scary is that the throttle does not respond at all when the drone is going down. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Have you done the calibration of the giro ? look in the manual for instructions.

    Next i would dismantle the drone and check the motors are secured. And check all the wiring connections.

    Also if you have lipo check tool. Check the lipo voltages are correct on each cell. It could be a faulty cell causing sudden voltage drop. EDIT: Looks like that's not possible on the stock battery because it has no balance connector.

    Do you have a 2nd battery to try ? Does it behave the same way ?
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  3. Hello, thanks for the reply.
    Yes, I have calibrated the gyro and the compass. I have noticed that the worst malfunction comes exactly after the 50% battery warning. Right before that, the bird is almost usable, although it does not feel responsive at all. I have two batteries and it fails with any of them.
    I will try today changing the trasmitter batteries.

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